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Your previous selection: A1 Beginner

For complete Beginners to Elementary level
Four sub-levels to complete the first learning stage: A101 to A104
Complete beginner? Welcome! No prior assessment needed. You can enroll in our A101 classes.
Not sure about your level? Please contact us for a short level assessment to help you find the right course.
After this full A1 Beginner level, students will be able to introduce yourself, express likes and dislikes, describe activities, know numbers, time, days of the week...
You can subscribe to A1 workshops after completing A102.

After A1 Beginner – Part 4 (A104), prepare and sit for the DELF A1 exam, an official and international recognition of their level in French.
Textbook : Edito A1 

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Available Courses: 4

A1 Beginner - Part 1

Are you a complete Beginner? This level is for you. Completed in 120 hours. In this level A101, discover how to meet people, to communicate in the class, how to travel and ask indications in a town.
Prerequisite: no prior knowledge of French whatsoever

Required Course Material
  • Pack Edito A1 (Textbook and Exercise) + AF Guide du débutant ($350.00 HKD)
Recommended Course Material
  • Grammaire Progressive du Français (Débutant Complet) ($220.00 HKD)
Available Courses: 3

A1 Beginner - Part 2

A1 Beginner - Part 2 (A102)
Discover how to order in a restaurant or to do some shopping in a market.

Prerequisite: A1 Beginner - Part 1 (A101) or placement test
Available Courses: 1

A1 Beginner - Part 3

A1 Beginner - Part 3 (A103)
Discover how to tell your day, to go out with your friends, how to speak about your family, to announce a family event or to speak about a meeting.

Prerequisite: A1 Beginner - Part 2 (A102) or placement test
Available Courses: 2

A1 Beginner - Part 4

A1 Beginner - Part 4 (A104)
Discover how to move in a flat, how to contact a professional to explain a domestic problem, how to organise and tell a personal trip.

Prerequisite: A1 Beginner - Part 3 (A103) or placement test

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