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Initiation to French (Kids 1)

Initiation to French

Holiday Classes only
ES courses are for children from 6 to 7 y.o.

For this online class, we do not use any textbook and created a specific syllabus corresponding to the online rhythm for youg kids.
Classes are conducted in French for greater immersion (with some English in the first classes), in small classes to give each child a maximum attention.

This summer, the syllabus will include a main topic, i.e. travelling around the world, and a couple of sub-topics such as one's family, animals, etc.

We encourage learning through creativity e.g child’s literature, visual arts, arts and crafts, singing and dancing. AFHK uses multiple intelligences as a tool for teaching different styles of learning in the classroom, to embrace the diversity of kid’s skills.

Typical class activities:
Greetings and welcome ritual / Activities  / Activities / Goodbye

Registration fee (AF Member) is valid for one year and can enjoy the benefits equivalent to an AF Ordinary member.

Pace: Each lesson = 1h

Initiation to French - Part 1 & Part 2

Holiday Classes only

ES101 & ES102
Prerequisite: no prior knowledge of French whatsoever

Kids will study 30 hours of French classes, covering the 2 first general levels of our curriculum at a time, in just about a month.
Your kids will take the very first steps of learning French: hello, good bye, what’s your name?,  Describe the colours. Talk about one’s age.

They will all learn to express basic requests, ask about an object, or an animal.
They will also start discovering the sounds and rhythms of French language, through songs, stories, and basic tales included in their textbook.

Pace: Each lesson = 2h30

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