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Adults 成人
Teens 青少年
Kids 七至十歲
Young Kids 二至六歲
A1.1 Discovery (Kids) - Part 4
Wanchai Centre
Holiday Classes only
Each lesson = 2h30

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A1.1 Discovery (Kids) - Part 4

A1.1 Discovery (Kids) - Part 4 to Part 6

Holiday Classes only
E104, E105, E106
Prerequisite: A1.1 Discovery (Kids) - Part 3 (E103) or placement test

Kids will study 40 hours of French classes, covering the 3 first general levels of our curriculum at a time, in less than 2 months. Your child will complete the A1.1 level by the end of the Summer!

Registration fee (AF Member) is valid for one year and can enjoy the benefits equivalent to an AF Ordinary member.
Pace: Each lesson = 2h30

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